Table 1: Details of the patients, their tumours, and the outcome.

CaseAge at diagnosis with SC (years)SiteTreatment(s) for SCTime to malignant change (years)MalignancySurgical management of chondrosarcomaMetsOutcome

123Hip3 debridements2.7Grade I CHSHindquarter amputationAlive 13 yrs postoperatively
248Hip(i) Initially symptomatic
(ii) THR 11 yrs after initial diagnosis
11.3Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma (osteosarcoma)DebulkingAt presentation (lung)Died 3 yrs postoperatively
325Hip(i) 2 arthroscopies
(ii) 1 hip resurfacing 17 yrs after diagnosis
20Grade II CHSDebulkingAt presentation (lung)Died 4 yrs postoperatively
425Hip(i) Multiple debridements
(ii) THR 2005
(iii) Large recurrence 5 years after THR
39Grade I CHSHindquarter amputationAlive 9 months postoperatively
519Knee(i) Multiple arthroscopies
(ii) TKR aged 55
38.5Grade II CHSAbove knee amputationLung—34 months after amputationDied 4 yrs postoperatively