Table 1: Patient series, tumor data, histopathological resection results and clinical outcomes.

Patient (gender (M/F), age (years))Histology1Enneking zonesTumor size (mm)Number of resection planes2Closest desired safe margins3 (mm)Histological analysisNeo and adjuvant treatmentReconstructionComplicationFollow-up (months)Current status4

1 (F, 76)CHS grade 2I + II2001 (HER)10R0Hip transpositionDeep infection28DF
2 (M, 54)CHS grade 2I + II + III1201 (HER)6R0Prosthesis19DF
3 (M, 57)CHS grade 2II140310R0Prosthesis17DF
4 (M, 65)CHS grade 2II + III1602 (HER)10R0ProsthesisDeep infection16DF
5 (F, 69)LMSI + II150210R0*ChemotherapyProsthesisST LR***22DF
6 (M, 66)CHS grade 2II1403 (HER)R0ProsthesisDeep infection10DF
7 (M, 60)CHS grade 2I + II + III17025R0ProsthesisDeep infection; hip dislocation12DF
8 (F, 27)CHS grade 2IV6047R2**Scare desunion8DF
9 (M, 46)CHS grade 2 LR of myxoidI + II27013R0ProsthesisDeep infection; hip dislocation7DF
10 (M, 17)ESII + III100310R0Chemotherapy; radiotherapyProsthesis4DF
11 (M, 54)Bone sarcomaIV10045R0Chemotherapy0DF

CHS = chondrosarcoma; LMS = leiomyosarcoma; ES = Ewing’s sarcoma; LR = local recurrence.
2HER = hip extra-articular resection.
3See Table 2 for detailed data on bone-cutting accuracy.
4DF = alive disease-free.
*R0 bone resection margin but R1 soft-tissue resection margin.
**R2 bone resection margin because tumor has been morselized for extraction.
***Soft-tissue local recurrence at 18 months; patient was reoperated on; now patient is free of disease.