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Rhabdomyosarcoma: Advances in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Table 3

Studies identifying stem cells in RMS.

Marker/substrateSourceStem cell geneFunctional characterizationReference

CD133Orthotopic xenograft modelOCT4, NANOG, c-MYC, PAX3, and SOX2Correlating with poor overall survivalWalter et al., 2011 [38]

PAX-FKHRBone marrow of C57BL/6 miceMyf5, MEF2, MyoD, and myogeninDetermining the molecular, myogenic, and histologic phenotype of ARMSRen et al., 2008 [39]

V-ATPaseRD cell lineNANOG and OCT3/4Driving mechanisms of a reduced sensitivity to anticancer drugs and activities related to invasion and metastasisSalerno et al., 2014 [40]

Surv.m-CRAsKYM-1 cell line (FGFR3-positive)FGFR3Therapeutic effectiveness against all cell populations and increased effectiveness against CSCsTanoue et al., 2014 [41]