Table 4: Retrospective abstracts consisting of mixture of patients with primary metastatic and relapsed Ewing’s sarcoma.

StudyAverage age (years)Number of ptsChemotherapyHDCTNumber of Tx prior to SCTSource of stem cellResponse (number of pts)EFSOS

Elhasid et al. 2012, retrospective [34]14Total (16)NLMelphalan (NL)
Busulfan (NL)
NLNLNL8 yr EFS 41%6 yr OS 56%

Cristofani et al. 2013, retrospective [35]7Total (18)NLNLNLPSBC
NLNL5 yr OS 33%

Thiel et al. 2014, retrospective [36]NLTotal (8)
Relapsed (2)
NLNLNLNLCR (7)Median EFS 16.5 months2.5 yr OS 62%

NL: not listed, HDCT: high-dose chemotherapy, SCT: stem cell transplant, PBSC: peripheral blood stem cell, BSC: bone marrow stem cell, EFS: event-free survival, OS: overall survival, and CR: complete remission.