Schizophrenia Research and Treatment / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Do People with Schizophrenia Lack Emotional Intelligence?

Table 3

Bivariate correlations for MSCEIT, BACS, and SFS scores.

Perceiving emotions
Using emotions
Understanding emotionsManaging emotionsGlobal EI scoreBACS
total score
(Branch 1)(Branch 2)(Branch 3)(Branch 4)

Schizophrenia Group
 BACS total score−0.06−0.080.52*0.140.26
 SFS Withdrawal/social engagement score−0.09−0.11−0.030.01−0.09−0.09
 SFS interpersonal communication score−0.20−−0.040.48**
 SFS independence performance score−0.08−0.040.44*0.140.16−0.02
 SFS independence competence Score0.090.210.310.320.320.07
 SFS recreation score−0.40−0.43−0.10−0.60**0.54*−0.14
 SFS prosocial score−0.35 0.05 0.410.170.050.36
 SFS occupation/employment score−0.38−−0.130.25
 SFS total score−0.18−0.030.48*
Control group
 BACS Total Score−
 SFS withdrawal/social engagement score0.270.65**0.420.50*0.57**0.15
 SFS interpersonal communication score−0.210.340.350.300.230.15
 SFS independence performance score−−0.11
 SFS independence competence score−−0.16
 SFS recreation score0.000.27−−0.07
 SFS prosocial score0.000.320.280.310.28 0.34
 SFS occupation/employment score−0.27−0.020.06−0.04−0.10−0.10
 SFS total score0.010.53**0.290.50*0.410.18

*Indicates , **indicates .