Schizophrenia Research and Treatment / 2013 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Correlates of Caregiver Burden among Family Members of Patients with Schizophrenia in Lagos, Nigeria

Table 4

Correlates of caregivers burden on univariate analysis.


Dependent variable: “financial/physical strain”
Duration of illness0.1970.008
Number of people in household−0.1670.025
Total PANSS scores0.609<0.001

Dependent variable: “time/dependence strain”
Duration of illness0.1880.011
Number of people in household−0.1740.019
Total PANSS scores0.684<0.002
Number of episodes0.1570.032

Dependent variable: “emotional strain”
Total PANSS scores0.747<0.001

Dependent variable: “uncertainty”
Age of caregiver0.3040.002
Duration of illness0.763<0.001

Dependent variable: “self-criticism”
Hours of patient-caregiver contact (weekly)−0.547<0.001
Total PANSS scores0.3140.012

KEY: : Pearson’s correlation coefficient.