(a) Glucose tolerance
(b) Plasma lipid
(c) Liver lipid
Figure 3: Metabolic disturbances induced by a 24-week treatment of risperidone on female mice. (a) Effect of risperidone on glucose tolerance in female mice. Risperidone treatment significantly decreased glucose tolerance. (b) Effect of risperidone on plasma lipid concentration. Risperidone treatment increased non-HDLc (  mg/dL versus  mg/dL; , ). (c) Effect of risperidone on liver fat accumulation. Risperidone treatment induced an increase in liver lipid accumulation as displayed by ORO staining (control (□) % versus risperidone (■) %; , ; left histogram and central pictures) and TG/protein ratio (control (□) versus risperidone (■) ; , ; right histogram).