Table 2: Clinical characteristics of patients with schizophrenia on follow-up at AMSH, 2018 (n=393).

VariablesCategoriesFrequencyPercent (%)

Duration of illness1-5 years10927.7
6-10 years14637.1
>10 years13835.2

Psychiatric hospital admissionNo admission19649.9
1-5 times16241.2
≥6 times358.9

Co-morbid chronic medical/ mental disorderYes 287.1

RangesMean SD

Age of onset of the illness in years12-5226.777.23

PANSS total score30-14273.6530.48
 PANSS positive subscale score7-4417.519.38
 PANSS negative subscale score7-4519.238.890
 PANSS general psychopathology Score16-8737.1815.80

Birchwood’s insight scale score0-16 8.93.80
 Relabeling experiences0-42.091.17
 Awareness of illness0-41.741.14
 Awareness of need of Rx0-85.082.16

Diabetes, hypertension, HIV/ AIDS, depression, substance related disorders; Rx= treatment.