Research Article

The Use of a Scoring System to Guide Thromboprophylaxis in a High-Risk Pregnant Population

Table 5

Results of thrombophilia screening in women receiving dalteparin during or after pregnancy.

Indication for prophylaxisAPAATPCPSFVLPTunscreened

previous VTE on COCP0001613
previous VTE in pregnancy3011330
previous unprovoked VTE0000010
previous provoked VTE0000000
other indications0001500

VTE: venous thromboemboloism; COCP: combined oral contraceptive pill; APA: antiphospholipid antibodies; AT: antithrombin deficiency (untyped); PC: Protein C deficiency; PS: Protein S deficiency; FVL: heterozygous Factor V Leiden; PT: heterozygous prothrombin gene G20210A mutation. All patients were screened after introduction of the scoring system.