Table 1: Clinical details of patients and result of T99mc-EMB scintigraphy.

Sex/AgeClinical diagnosisSite of lesionTreatment historyOutcome

Male/40Pulmonary TBLungsActive pulmonary tuberculosisTrue positive
Male/45Pulmonary TBLungsActive pulmonary tuberculosisTrue positive
Male/50Resistant pulmonary TBLungsActive resistant pulmonary tuberculosisTrue positive
Female/42Resistant Pulmonary TBLungsActive resistant pulmonary tuberculosisTrue positive
Female/27Bone TBSpine1. Old treated case of Pott’s spine
2. local tenderness present
True negative
Male/43Bone TBSpineOld treated case of Pott’s spine.True negative
Male/30Bone TBAnkleTuberculosis of ankleTrue positive
Female/36Bone TBAnkleTuberculosis of ankle, active on MRI clinicallyTrue positive
Male/34Bone TBSpine1. Carries retropharyngeal abscesses.
2. MRI carries yellow marrow replacement in vertebral bodies.
True positive
Female/40Bone TBAnkleTuberculosis of ankle, positive in 4th metatarsal of the right foot.True positive
Female/35Bone TBLymph nodes in the neckTuberculosis in throat No ATTTrue Positive
Male/32Bone TBSpineA case of cervical TBTrue positive
Male/51Bone TBSpineA case of Pott’s spine with local tendernessTrue positive
Female/12Bone TBSpine and Acetabulum1. Active Pott’s spine
2. Large psoas abscess
3. Unsuspected pelvic infection later confirmed by MRI
True positive