Table 1: Real-time PCR results showing drop in . (wild/mutant rpob gene with different , Bin A: Wild, Bin B: Mutant).

No.ColourNameGenotypePeak 1Peak 2 h37 Rv WILDWild74.7 (Bin A) DEL/07Wild74.0 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.3 (Bin B)75.5 DEL/07Mutant70.3 (Bin B)75.3 DEL/07Wild74.5 (Bin A) DEL/07Wild74.3 (Bin A) DEL/07Wild74.5 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B) DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.2 DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.8 DEL/07Mutant70.7 (Bin B)75.5 DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B) DEL/07Wild74.5 (Bin A) DEL/07Wild74.5 (Bin A) DEL/07Wild74.5 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.5 DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B) DEL/07Wild74.2 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.0 DEL/07Wild74.5 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.5 DEL/07Mutant70.3 (Bin B)76.0 DEL/07Wild74.5 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.5 DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.8 DEL/07Wild74.7 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.2 (Bin B) DEL/07Wild74.8 (Bin A) DEL/07Mutant70.3 (Bin B)75.5 DEL/07Mutant70.5 (Bin B)75.5 DEL/07Wild74.5(Bin A) DEL/07Mtb neg sample

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