Table 2: Knowledge about measures to prevent occupationally acquired tuberculosis amongst medical resident doctors.

MeasuresResponses (%)
No opinion

Administrative measures
Early detection and separation of patients with TB will reduce the risk of TB for HCWs ()229 (88)32 (12)
Cough etiquette in patients will reduce the risk of TB in HCWs ()230 (89)27 (11)
There are guidelines for prevention of transmission of TB in Health Care Set Up ()175 (69)77 (31)
Environmental measures
Good ventilation at workplace will reduce the risk of TB in HCWs ()238 (91)23 (9)
Ultraviolet gamma irradiation can be used to reduce risk of transmission of TB at workplace ()112 (44)145 (56)
Respiratory protective devices
HCWs can reduce their risk of acquiring TB by wearing N 95 masks ()166 (64)93 (36)
Fit testing is needed before using N 95 masks ()96 (37)163 (63)