Table 3: TB risk perceptions among resident doctors, key themes and subthemes.

Key themesSubthemes

Developing drug-resistant TB
Side effects of DR-TB treatment; delayed diagnosis of DR-TB; poor treatment outcomes
Disease and its clinical consequences ()Type of TB; clinical complications of TB; adverse effects of treatment; long duration of treatment; potential for hospitalization
Social and professional consequences ()Academic loss; transmitting the infection to family members; social stigma attached to the disease
Exposure to TB patients/specimens ()Frequent encounters with TB patients; encounters with undiagnosed cases; encounters with undisclosed TB patients; patients with poor cough etiquettes
Poor infection control measures ()Inadequate patient screening for TB; Lack of room ventilation; Nonfunctional mechanical ventilation; Nonavailability and nonuse of N-95 masks
High workload and its health consequences ()Workload; working hours; improper nutrition; inadequate rest