Table 4: Frequency of incorrectly answered questions and mean score and effect size of questions on preeducation and posteducation questionnaire.

Number of Nurses Answered Incorrectly
n ()
Mean total score (±SD)
Pre-educationPost-educationP ValueEffect size

What is the QuantiFERON Gold test used for?14 (11.2)3 (3.19)89.4 (±31.0)96.8 (±17.7)0.0340.30
What is the acceptable volume for QFT blood collection tubes?92 (73.6)42 (44.7)29.8 (±46.0)55.3 (±50.0)<0.0010.53
After blood is collected into the QFT blood collection tubes, what is the next step in the process?9 (7.2)15 (16.0)92.6 (±26.4)84.0 (±36.8)0.0590.27
What is the purpose of shaking the QFT blood collection tubes?82 (65.6)49 (52.1)35.1 (±48.0)47.9 (±50.2)0.0180.26
At what temperature do you store the tubes until they are delivered to the laboratory?80 (64.0)30 (31.9)36.2 (±48.3)68.1 (±46.9)<0.0010.67
What is the proper order for filling the blood collection tubes?75 (60.0)19 (20.2)41.5 (±49.5)79.8 (±40.4)<0.0010.85
Is frothing of blood in the QFT blood collection tubes normal after the shaking process?29 (23.2)15 (16.0)79.8 (±40.4)84.0 (±36.8)0.3740.11
Choose the appropriate phrase to complete the following sentence: When a “butterfly needle” is being used to collect blood, which is often done when many tubes require blood collection....69 (55.2)35 (37.2)46.8 (±50.2)62.8 (±48.6)0.0080.32
Can blood be drawn from a PICC or Central line for the QFT?57 (45.6)16 (70.0)55.3 (±50.0)83.0 (±37.8)<0.0010.62
Is inverting the tubes once an acceptable mixing method immediately after blood collection?31 (24.8)15 (15.96)77.7 (±41.9)84.0 (±36.8)0.1810.16
Is the IGRA test FDA approved for person who has been identified with TB disease?93 (74.4)69 (73.4)24.5 (±43.2)26.6 (±44.4)0.6400.05

Pre- and posttest comparison calculated by paired t-test in nurses who completed both pre- and posttests (N=94). Effect size was estimated using Cohen’s d method; QFT, QuantiFERON Gold In-Tube; PICC, peripherally inserted central catheter; IGRA, interferon-γ release assay; FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; TB, tuberculosis.