Table 2: Patients’ clinical and radiological features (N=332).

Characteristics N(% of total)

BMI (N=312)
 (i) Below 18.5 kg/m2109(51.42)
 (ii) Above or equal to 18.5 kg/m2103(48.58)
HIV status
 (i) Positive116(34.9)
 (ii) Negative216(65.1)
History of previous TB treatment (N=329)
 (i) Yes273(82.2)
 (ii) No56(16.9)
Smoking history (N=177)
 (i) Yes68(20.5)
 (ii) No109(32.9)
Alcohol use (N=189)
 (i) Yes95(28.6)
 (ii) No94(28.3)
Cavitary lesions on Chest x-ray radiography (N=279)
 (i) Yes64(19.3)
 (ii) No215(64.8)
Diabetes (N=319)
 (i) Yes5(1.5)
 (ii) No314(94.6)