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Texture of Crystalline Solids
Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages 1-25

The Determination of Orientation Distribution Function From Incomplete Pole Figures - an Example of a Computer Program

Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Research, Cracow, Poland

Received 7 June 1977

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The use of incomplete pole figure data for defining the orientation distribution function (ODF) in a polycrystalline material is of great practical importance, because it enables the use of experimental data from a simplified measurement. The present paper provides the source text of a computer program for calculating the coefficients of ODF series expansion, Cμυ. The data for computations are in the incomplete pole figures of rhombic symmetry as determined by the back reflection or transmission technique for crystalline solids of the cubic system. Also described is the numerical method of determining the coefficients Cμυ, and the results so obtained are discussed.