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Texture of Crystalline Solids
Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 73-92

Texture and its Influence on the Mechanical and Ballistic Properties of Steel Armor Plates

1U. S. Steel Research Laboratory, Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146, USA
2Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center, Watertown, Massachusetts 02172, USA

Received 28 February 1980

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By appropriate thermomechanical processing treatment in the austenite region of a medium carbon 5Ni steel, three different types of textures, each with various degrees of intensity, have been produced in the quenched-and-tempered high-hardness steel armor plates. The various mechanical properties, including tension, through-thickness tension and compression, impact, fatigue, and fracture toughness, together with the ballistic performance of the plates as a function of the intensity of the texture, in particular the (112)+(111) type, are presented and discussed.