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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 8 –9

Recrystallization Experiments in Tensile Deformed 100- and 111-Oriented Copper Single Crystals

Institut für Metallphysik der Universität Göttingen, Hospitalstraße 3–5, Göttingen D-3400, Germany

Received 23 July 1987

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100- and 111-oriented copper single crystals were tensile deformed to a final strain of 20% and 4%, respectively. Specimens prepared from these crystals were abraded at one end. During the subsequent annealing treatment (750 K, 2 h for the 100-oriented crystals and 750 K, 90 min for the 111-oriented crystals) the recrystallization process started on this side. In both cases the orientation relationships between the largest recrystallized grains and the uniformly oriented deformed microstructure can be characterized by the following relations: 22.6° 100, 21.8° 111, 46.8° 111 and 129.8° 540. Additionally, in the 111 crystals other orientation relationships were found. This is caused by the different dislocation densities in the specimens. The 111-oriented crystals represent the early stage of recrystallization whereas the 100-oriented crystals show the orientations of the late recrystallization stage. Between these stages a further selection of orientations occur.