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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 8 –9

Plastic Anisotropy of Titanium, Zirconium and Zircaloy 4 Thin Sheets

1Departamento Materiales, CNEA, Av. Libertador 8250, Buenos Aires 1429 , Argentina
2Laboratoire de Métallurgie Structurale, UA CNRS1107, Université Paris Sud, Orsay Cedex 91406 , France

Received 19 March 1987; Accepted 31 July 1987

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Experimental evolution of Lankford anisotropy coefficient R(α) versus the amount of strain in tension E11 and versus the angle α between rolling direction and the tensile test direction for Titanium, Zirconium (Zr 702) and Zircaloy 4 (Zr 704) thin sheets points out that R(α) is not constant with deformation; indeed R(α) tends to infinity when α>45° and E11<0.02 which corresponds to a planar deformation state. This behaviour can be interpreted by using a model of Sachs type for tensile tests performed along either the rolling direction or the transverse direction by considering only prismatic slip.