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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 265-301

Role of Twinning in Texture Development and in Plastic Deformation of Hexagonal Materials

1Laboratoire de Métallurgie des Materiaux Polycristallins, UER Sciences, Metz Cedex 01 F-57045, France
2Laboratoire de Métallurgie CNAM, 292 rue St Martin, Paris Cedex F-75141, France

Received 20 June 1987; Accepted 4 December 1987

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This paper presents an extensive study of the conditions of appearance of mechanical twinning and its role in the texture development during uniaxial tension, biaxial expansion and rolling of Ti and Zr alloys.

With the help of literature, the analyses are extended to alloys of Mg, Zn and Be.

Finally, the influence of twinning on the shape of the forming limit diagrams and on formability is discussed for hexagonal metals.