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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 14–18

Rolled textures and Magnetic Properties of Regular Grain Oriented 3% Silicon Steel With Very Low Thickness

Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology Specialty Steel Research, P.O.Box 135, Pohang, Korea

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Regular grain oriented 3 wt.% silicon steel sheets of 0.30mm thick, having orientations near (110)[001], were cold rolled to 0.050mm thick and their 0.100 and 0.050mm thick foils were annealed in order to study the changes in rolled textures, recrystallized texture and magnetic properties with decreasing the sheet thickness. the results are summarized as follows:

(110)[001] grains of recrystallized sheets are changed to (111)[112] with cold rolling and (111)[112] grains of cold rolled sheets are restored to (110)[001] with annealing.The stronger (111)[112] textures are formed in the cold rolled sheets, the stronger (110)[001] textures are developed in the recrystallized sheets, when the cold rolled sheets of 0.100 and 0.050m thick were annealed to and above 600°C for 1 hour, recrystallization occurred to show resoring the magnetic properties to those of the initially secondary recrystallized 0.30mm thick sheets with forming similary strong (110)[001] textures.