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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 14–18

Modelling of Texture Development During Nucleation and Grain Growth

Depamnent of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal H3A 2A7, Canada

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A model of development of recrystallization texture has been proposed based on physical processes observed during nucleation and growth of grains. In this model the nucleation is driven by energies stored in various texture components. The assumption is made that there exists a specific relationship between the place the nucleation starts and the orientation of the nuclei. The grain growth modelling is determined by the grain boundary energy and is related to assumptions that certain orientations of grain are favoured during the grain growth.

The model is used to simulate the texture development in low-carbon steel and offers in addition to textural information the prediction of the kinetics of nucleation and grain growth illustrating the fundamental aspects of grain topology in the deformed and annealed metals which at the same time are general enough to allow to introduce in the future more realistic assumptions for nucleations and grain growth processes.