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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 19, Issue 1-2, Pages 1-8

A New Composite-Sample Method for Orientation-Distribution Analysis

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Received 30 August 1990

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A new composite-sample method is suggested for crystallite orientation distribution analysis. The proposed method entails preparation of composites such that the surface to be examined is perpendicular to the rolling direction. The suggested reference frame is (—ND, TD, RD) for Roe's method. This choice simplifies expression of the results with respect to the conventional (RD, TD, ND) frame. A novel technique employing laser welding on three surfaces is used to bond adjacent sheet layers. The proposed composite-sample can be more easily and accurately constructed. It requires only about 12 percent of the material needed for Lopata and Kula's method. Existing programs for incomplete pole-figures have been modified to permit application of the new method. The method is expected to be statistically advantageous where materials develop “pancake”- or acicular-shaped grains. The method is illustrated for a deep-drawing aluminum-killed sheet steel, and results are compared with those obtained with a conventional sheet-sample.