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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 22, Issue 3, Pages 169-175

A New Approach to Describing Three-Dimensional Orientation Distribution Functions in Textured Materials—Part II: Model ODF for Rolling Textures

Institute of Metal Physics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Prospekt Vernadskogo 36, Kiev-142 252680, Ukraine

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Sections of a three-dimensional Orientation Distribution Function (ODF) for the α-Fe rolling texture typical for most b.c.c. metals have been constructed on the basis of the proposed new method for ODF simulation through the representation of a crystallite orientation by nine rotations, only three of which are varied for a given component. The description of texture by superposition of partial fibre components in used. A comparison of such a model ODF with an ODF reconstructed from experimental pole figures by series expansion is presented. As a result all really encountered textures can be simulated by variation of the crystallite spread parameters, texture axis positions, and predominant preferred orientations in terms of a common approach.