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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 25, Issue 2-4, Pages 229-236

Moment Pole Figures in Residual Stress Analysis

1Universitè de Metz, L2MP, Metz Cèdex 1 F-57045, France
2Müller-Berset Str. 3, Dresden D-01309, Germany

Received 20 June 1995

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The basic formulas (Reuss's approximation) for residual stress analysis are given in a revised form. All ODF-burdened information reduces to five “moment pole figures” simply to, calculate using modern direct algorithms. The corresponding harmonic expressions are also more compact than other formulas known from literature. For texture components described by Standard Gaussian Functions the corresponding expressions can be given in an analytically closed form. The use of the concept of the geometrical mean approximation for calculating elastic constants (avoiding Reuss's limitations) will be explained in connection with the determination of residual stresses.