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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 26–27

Analysis of Texture Distribution in NdFeB Hard Magnets by Means of X-Ray Diffraction in BRAGG-BRENTANO Geometry

Institute of Solid State and Materials Research Dresden, Dresden D-1171, Germany

Received 22 December 1995; Accepted 12 January 1996

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Three different methods are used for the quantitative local texture analysis of fibre textures. Two methods are based upon the evaluation of BRAC-BRENTANO diffraction diagrams. In the first method relative intensity parameters are calculated, whereas in the second Rietveld preferred orientation factors are determined. The third method uses measured pole figures and the series expansion (Bunge).

The method is applied to hot backward extruded NdFeB ring magnets. A local texture determination dependent on a sample surface distance is possible. The results are compared with magnetic measurements.