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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 26–27

A Technique to Determine the Relative Strengths of Deformation Mechanisms in Hexagonal Materials

1Université de Metz, Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Matériaux, Ile du Saulcy, Metz, Cedex 57045, France
2Université de Metz, Laboratoire de Métallurgie des Matériaux Polycristallins, Ile du Saulcy, Metz, Cedex 57045, France

Received 18 November 1996

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A new technique is presented which permits to obtain the relative critical strengths of the slip and twinning systems in polycrystalline materials. It consists in an experimental and a simulation part. In the experience, slip line analysis and grain orientation measurements are carried out and the operating slip and twinning systems are identified in each selected grain. In the subsequent simulations, a crystal plasticity code is used to modelise the plastic behaviour, especially, the slip activity of the grains. The relative crss values of the slip systems are then varied and the simulations are repeated iteratively until the experimental slip activity is reproduced with the very same combination of crss for all the grains. An application is presented for a Titanium alloy (Ti40).