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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 26–27

The Effect of Particles on Recrystallisation Textures and Microstructures

1Hydro Aluminium, R&D Centre Sunndalsøra, Sunndalsøra N-6600, Norway
2Hydro Aluminium, R&D Centre Karmøy, Håvik N-4265, Norway
3The Norwegian Institute of Technology, Department of Metallurgy, N-7034 Trondheim, , Norway

Received 28 December 1995

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The way in which large and small particles influence on recrystallised grain size and texture is considered with special emphasis on the processing of aluminium. It is well known that large particles might induce nucleation of recrystallised grains, while finely dispersed small particles will exert a pinning force on boundary movement. It the present paper, these two effects of particles will be discussed in detail. The discussion will to some extent be in an overview form, but also new ideas and recent experimental results will be presented. These include cases where strong effects are caused by small precipitated particles.