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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 26–27

Variational Micro-Macro Model and Deformation Textures Predicted for Steels

Laboratoire “Sols, Solides, Structures” [Université J. Fourier / Inst. Nat. Polytechnique de Grenoble / C.N.R.S], B.P. 53 X, Grenoble cedex 38041, France

Received 20 November 1995

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This variational micro-macro model is presented in the context of the “pure” and “relaxed” Taylor models, from which it evolved, but also in relation to the Sachs-type models and, more generally, in the context of volume-fraction or “one-point” models. It will indeed be shown that any one-point model must set statistical assumptions and that, to this general frame, the present model adds only one essential assumption- namely a plausible principle of minimal inhomogeneity. The numerical implementation is summarized. Predictions for the strain distribution are discussed. Predicted deformation textures are compared with measurements on steel sheets.