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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 28, Issue 1-2, Pages 35-45

A Metallurgical Approach to the Cracking Resistance of Hot-Dip Galvanized Zinc Coatings

1Laboratoire de Métallurgie des Matériaux Polycristallins (LM2P), E.P. CNRS 98, Université de Metz, Metz 57045, France
2Union Minière (UM), Recherche et Développement, Usine des ASTURIES, Auby les Douai 59950, France
3Cockerill Sambre (CS), Branche Phenix, Quai du Halange, 10, Flémalle 4400, Belgium

Received 11 November 1995

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The texture of zinc coatings influences to a large extent their formability, due to the anisotropic properties of zinc. The (0002) basal plane is the easiest slip plane in zinc crystal. Its inclination to the deformation axis and direction directly influences the deformation behaviour. This work deals with the effect of the texture and microstructure on the cracking behaviour of zinc coatings. For this purpose, twelve different commercial hot-dip zinc coatings have been studied.