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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 28, Issue 3-4, Pages 261-271

Calculation of Linear and Non-Linear Elastic Properties of Polycrystalline Materials by Use of a Cluster Model

1lnstitute of Theoretical Physics B, Technical University Clausthal, Germany
2Department of Physical Metallurgy, Technical University Clausthal, Germany

Received 18 April 1996

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In the present paper we have put together some results of a cluster method that allows the calculation of linear and also non-linear effective elastic constants of polycrystalline materials within an iterative self-consistent scheme. The conceptual idea consists in simulating the real material by a suitably chosen cluster of single grains. One can then determine the elastic properties of the material under study by examining the elastic behavior of the cluster. The method is capable of resolving the effect of the grain shape, that is determined by the coordination number of the grains on the effective constants.