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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 32, Issue 1-4, Pages 21-39

The Deformation and Shear Bands in the Fe–3%Si Alloy

Institute of Metal Physics, Ural Division of Russian Academy of Sciences, 18 Kovalevskaya street, Ekaterinburg 620219, Russia

Accepted 28 September 1997

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This paper deals with a metallographic study of shear and deformation bands, which are formed and developed during rolling and fatigue tests of single crystals and polycrystals of Fe–3% Si. The effect of the initial orientation of the single crystals, dimensions of grains in polycrystals, thickness of the samples and certain rolling factors on the formation of banded structures was analyzed. The effect of these structures on the structure and the texture, which appear in the deformed alloy subject to annealing, was studied too.

The obtained data provided a better account of the banded structures and permitted directing ways to control their formation and evolution.