Crystallographic texture is described by pole figures. In this paper, we continue to study experimental pole figure errors. In other words it can be named pole figure measurement errors. These errors are connected with the experimental procedure and do not depend on any further computations. In our previous works it was shown that the qualitative behaviour of pole figure measurement errors is similar to peak width determination errors. To check this conclusion a set of diffraction spectra were measured for Mg + 4.5%Al + 1%Zn sample on the spectrometer for quantitative texture analysis (SKAT) at FLNP, JINR, Dubna. Then we simulated the individual spectra and used these spectra for the pole figure extraction and the pole figure error determination. Such simulation enabled to confirm conclusions concerning the main role of the peak width determination error in the pole figure error. Additionally, we simulated individual spectra using model pole figures and extracted pole figures and pole figures errors from those spectra. For this case we also confirmed the same qualitative behaviour of pole figure measurement errors and peak width determination errors. The model pole figures were calculated on the basis of normal distributions.