Urban Studies Research / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Developing Student Housing Quality Scale in Higher Institutions of Learning: A Factor Analysis Approach

Table 1

Measurement item and scale reliability for SHQ.

CodeItem of SHQCECA

CF1Bedroom facility0.6910.881
CF2Bathroom facility0.801
CF3Toilet facility0.784

CS1How affordable the housing fee is0.6470.652
CS2How easy or difficult it was when you were searching for your hostel or hall of residence?0.655
EF1Water supply0.701
EF2Light/electricity availability0.625

EF3Security facility0.578 0.855
EF4The kind of rules and regulations governing the housing0.536
EF5The cordial interpersonal relationship among tenants/students at the hostel/campus housing.0.606
EF6The behaviour of the landlord/lady or officer-in-charge of the hostel/campus housing0.607

OV1The overall impression of the quality of the housing to me.0.5120.655
OV2 Overall reputation for housing quality of the hostel/hall 0.443

SF1Reading room facility0.5290.767
SF2 Kitchen facility 0.465
SF3Garage facility0.709
SF4Junior common room (JCR)/entertainment hall0.639
SF5 Distance from campus to residence 0.338
SF6How the physical environment is pleasant and quiet for my study/learn. 0.661
SF7Availability of transport from the hall/hostel to lecture/classes.0.506

All 20 items (composite Reliability)0.897

CE: communalities extracted, CA: Cronbach’s alpha reliability value. Values in italic are below the acceptable communality value of 0.5.