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VLSI Design
Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 315-327

A Fast ALU Design in CMOS for Low Voltage Operation

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge 70803-5901, LA, USA

Received 6 October 2000; Revised 25 April 2001

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A high-speed 4-bit ALU has been designed for 1 V operation to demonstrate the usefulness of the back-gate forward substrate bias (BGFSB) method in 1.2 μm N-well CMOS technology. The 4-bit ALU employs a ripple carry adder and is capable of performing eight operations - four arithmetic and four logical operations. The BGFSB voltage has been limited to |0.4| V. Delay time measurements are taken for all operations from the SPICE simulations with and without the back-gate forward substrate bias. A speed advantage of a factor of about 2–2.5 is obtained with BGFSB over the conventional design.