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VLSI Design
Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 239-248

An Algorithm Visualization Tool on the Reconfigurable Mesh

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Showa, Nagoya 466-8555, Japan

Received 1 February 2000; Revised 2 October 2000

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Many parallel algorithms on the reconfigurable mesh have been developed so far. However, it is hard to understand the behavior of these parallel algorithms, mainly because the bus topology dynamically changes during the execution of an algorithm. In this work, we present the visual mesh system (VMesh ), a tool for visualizing algorithms on the reconfigurable mesh. The main objective of the VMesh is to provide a comprehensive environment for algorithm visualization and development. The VMesh has shown to be a valuable tool for studying and understanding the behavior of parallel algorithms on the reconfigurable mesh.