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VLSI Design
Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 637-645

Timing-Driven-Testable Convergent Tree Adders

1LSI Logic Corporation, Milpitas 91436, CA, USA
2Department of Electrical Engineering, Wright State University, Dayton 45435, OH, USA

Received 15 March 2001; Revised 30 January 2002

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Carry lookahead adders have been, over the years, implemented in complex arithmetic units due to their regular structure which leads to efficient VLSI implementation for fast adders. In this paper, timing-driven testability synthesis is first performed on a tree adder. It is shown that the structure of the tree adder provides for a high fanout with an imbalanced tree structure, which likely contributes to a racing effect and increases the delay of the circuit. The timing optimization is then realized by reducing the maximum fanout of the adder and by balancing the tree circuit. For a 56-b testable tree adder, the optimization produces a 6.37%increase in speed of the critical path while only contributing a 2.16% area overhead. The full testability of the circuit is achieved in the optimized adder design.