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Research Article

Multi-MeV Flash Radiography in Shock Physics Experiments: Specific Assemblages of Monolithic Scintillating Crystals for Use in CCD-Based Imagers

Table 1

CrystalEyeCam sensitivities, detection thresholds and resolutions obtained with two scintillator thicknesses, and an 18-MeV-bremsstrahlung spectrum, filtered with 10 cm of lead.

BGO scintillator thicknessSystem sensitivity in LSB/ 𝜇 Gy(air)System detection threshold (at SNR0 = 2) in 𝜇 Gy(air)System resolution-FWHM(LSF) in mmSystem cutoff frequency (MTF at 0.5) in m m 1

20 mm7.61.60.830.174
30 mm11.510.980.166