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Getting authors and publishers on the same page

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Getting authors and publishers on the same page: image of open book

How do publishers know what authors need? Key issues that will be explored at the 44th SSP Annual Meeting in Chicago.

More than ever before, scholarly publishing is embracing innovation prompted by an influx of technological advancements in research communication – such as the emergence of AI-based applications – and the disruptive nature of societal challenges.  

To best support and accelerate research discovery, we need to be proactive in not only responding to current author needs, but also anticipating new ones. This means opening up the mechanisms that support scholarly communication and engaging researchers in the work that goes into publishing a research paper and amplifying its visibility.  

Accelerating research discovery demands a two-way conversation between authors and publishers. Working in silos is not an option. But how do we know what authors really need throughout their publication journey and beyond?  

On June 2nd,  we will be at the 44th Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting to discuss this very question: how do we get authors and publishers on the same page?  

Organized and moderated by Avriel Licciardi of Accdon, a group of speakers including Luke Barrett of Hindawi, Christopher Hollister of the University at Buffalo Libraries, Annie Gering of RTI Press, and Shaun Marcott of University of Wisconsin-Madison have prepared a series of key topics and questions to explore. Panelists will be sharing their views on the current state of peer review globally, transformative agreements and their impact on authors and university libraries, the cost of publishing open access, different standpoints on pre-prints, and author-engagement initiatives and whether they are achieving the desired results. Last but not least, panelists will be discussing how the community is working to ensure that we are contributing to the creation of a more fair, equitable, and accessible scholarly ecosystem.  

We are keen to hear from you. What do you think is most important to ensuring publishers and authors are on the same page? What do you want to ask the publishing community? 

If you are not going to be in Chicago on June 2nd  feel free to share your thoughts and questions here.  

Let us know what you think >> 

More about participating organizations 

At Hindawi, designing the publication experience around the needs of authors has always been at the core of everything we do. We put our energy into simplifying our submission process, creating open resources on best practices for publishing and communicating science, and forging partnerships that help authors amplify and maximize the visibility of their research. Moreover, incorporating AI-based applications into our workflows and updating our submission and manuscript tracking system to make the publication journey as easy and seamless as possible has ensured that researchers’ time is devoted to what matters most – producing impactful research, not navigating complex submission processes.   

Accdon is a firm of experts and key opinion leaders in academic and research communications. We proudly assist authors from around the world with publishing and sharing their research more effectively. Accdon’s dedicated, US-based team offers expert English editing and research communication services, as well as editorial support packages for journals, academic societies, and publishers. Accdon also provides free educational resources for authors and the wider scholarly community. Our objective is to help researchers, publishers and universities expedite the publishing process without compromising scientific integrity. 

RTI Press is a global publisher of peer-reviewed, open-access publications. We publish on a broad range of topics reflecting RTI’s multidisciplinary research, expertise in social and laboratory sciences, and extensive international activities, and our publications inform national and international research, scientific discussions, and policy debates. RTI International funds RTI Press as a means of sharing research and practical knowledge to improve the human condition.

This blog post is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). Illustration adapted from Adobe Stock by David Jury.


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