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Limited-time discount from Academic Language Experts (ALE)

Limited-time discount from Academic Language Experts (ALE)

To help you make the most of your research, we’ve partnered with a group of leading author service providers to offer Hindawi authors a discount on a wide range of manuscript preparation and post-publication promotion services.

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on our partnership with Academic Language Experts (ALE). ALE aims to help level the playing field for non-native English speaking scholars by assisting them with translating, editing, and preparing their research for publication. By teaming up with ALE, Hindawi has arranged for our authors to receive a discount on English-language editing and translation services.

For a limited time between now and 31 July 2021, ALE is making a special offer: the first 200 words are free to anyone who completes a project of at least 3,000 words (in addition to the normal 10% discount through Hindawi). This promotion is available for all Hindawi authors who place an order through the ALE webpage.

Available services include:

Academic translation

This service is for authors who have completed their manuscript and require a language translation before submitting to their journal of choice. ALE’s academic translators are native speakers of the target language, and all translation projects also include editing and revision by managing editors. 

If you like, you can choose your translator ahead of time based on a free translation sample of your manuscript. ALE provides translation in all major languages, and can help you with your specific requirements.

Academic editing

If you would like academic editing for your manuscript, ALE will assign a professional academic editor or academic proofreader for your project. They will review the grammar, syntax, structure, and style of your text. In addition, all texts are also proofread and revised by one of ALE’s managing editors upon completion.

If you like, you can choose the academic editor who will work on your project, based on a free, edited sample of your manuscript. All ALE editors are native speakers of the languages they work in, and have advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. 


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