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Open Access partnership with Cambridge University Press

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Open Access partnership with Cambridge University Press

We are excited to welcome Cambridge University Press to our Publishing Partnerships program. Under this new partnership, five Cambridge University Press journals will publish open access with Hindawi utilizing our open source platform, Phenom.

Open Access is becoming the norm in research dissemination and the shared vision of governments, research councils, and institutions across the world. The current pandemic has demonstrated in a profound way the need for openness and collaboration in the scholarly publishing industry so that research is shared more efficiently. 

To strengthen our commitment to openness, we established a Publishing Partnerships Program in 2017 that enables publishers to transition onto an open access publishing model. We’ve put a lot of effort into harnessing our extensive expertise in open access and providing publishers with a state-of-the art option for managed infrastructure for open access publishing that remains flexible and tailors to the organization’s needs. 

Cambridge University Press is the latest publisher to join the program. Under this new collaborative agreement, five Cambridge University Press journals will publish open access with Hindawi and we will be responsible for these journals’ growth and development. We will also be carrying out editorial and production work utilizing our open source platform Phenom. The journals will remain under Cambridge ownership and all content will continue to undergo a rigorous peer review process, ensuring the high quality of material published in these journals. 

Fiona Hutton, Head of STM Open Access Publishing at the Press, said: “We are pleased and excited to be entering into this partnership with Hindawi. Collaboration is key to a truly open future for research and for scholarly communication. That requires a dynamic, innovative response from publishers, trying and testing different publishing models, working with the academic community and others like Hindawi, who have a proven track record in delivering excellence in open access scholarly publishing.”

The Cambridge University Press – Hindawi collaboration allows both publishers to support the ongoing development of high-quality open access titles, as well as giving authors additional options for where and how to publish and fostering a culture of collaboration within the scholarly publishing community. 


The five journals taking part in this initiative are:

Laser and Particle Beams

Genetics Research

Global Health Epidemiology and Genomics 

Journal of Smoking Cessation

Wireless Power Transfer


Read the official press release here

This blog post is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). The illustration is by Hindawi and is also CC-BY.

We have begun to integrate the 200+ Hindawi journals into Wiley’s journal portfolio. You can find out more about how this benefits our journal communities on our FAQ.