Table 2: Salient features of King-like lowered isothermal models (cf. (9)) and our MPD distribution f (cf. (23)).


Physical motivation before equilibriumAs a general stellar cluster evolves tides are generatedAs a general stellar cluster evolves entropy is produced
Theoretical basis at equilibriumTidal force of the galaxyEntropy maximization
Equation obeyedSimple, approximate, and nonunique in (9)Transcendental, exact, and unique in (23)
Role of Planck constantNot needed since the treatment is classical Newtonian.Needed explicitly to find the cell degeneracy the index of (27), and the huge cutoff number K.
Upper energy cutoff in the spectrumImposed by hand at in (9).Predicted by theory to occur at in (19).
Functional formFor example, in which the subtraction term 1 is constant. in which the subtraction term is strongly energy-dependent.
Mass and radius of the clusterFiniteFinite
Number density profile near the edge
Quality of fit to and Good in Figure 4Good in Figure 3