Review Article

The First Galaxies and the Likely Discovery of Their Fossils in the Local Group

Figure 10

(a) Surface brightness and core radius versus. V-band luminosities. Small filled squares are simulated pre-reionization fossils from RG05, asterisks are dIrrs, crosses are dEs, closed circles are the previously known dSph around the Milky Way, closed triangles are previously known dSph around M31, and open circles and triangles are new dSph around the Milky Way and M31 respectively. The solid lines roughly show the detection limits inherent to the methods used to find the ultrafaints in the SDSS data [24] and the dashed lines show the scaling relationships for more luminous Sc-Im galaxies ( ) derived by Kormendy and Freeman [95]. (b) Mass-to-light ratio and velocity dispersion of a subset of the new dwarfs [23, 96] versus V-band luminosity. The symbols and lines are as in (a).