Advances in Astronomy / 2010 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

T35: A Small Automatic Telescope for Long-Term Observing Campaigns

Table 2

Description of messages used in the communication between TCS and DC.

Messages from TCS to DC


AZABxxxAbsolute movement to azimuth xxx

AZR xxxRelative movement ( xxx or xxx degrees)
AZR xxx

PARKMovement to the PARK position

STOPStops dome movement if it is in motion

¿AZ?Requires present azimuth, status, EEPROM content, motor consumption.

AOFFAuto messages disabled

A_AZAuto azimuth, auto consumption, auto zero cross messages enabled.

CPARxxxTCS sends new values for park position, zero cross position, zero margin constant, inertia constant.

Messages from DC to TCS

FIN!xxxLast command executed, dome stopped at azimuth xxx.

¡ZE!xxxZero cross detected at azimuth xxx

¡AZ!xxxPresent azimuth, status, EEPROM contents, consumption. These messages are sent in response to ¿AZ? ¿ST? ¿EE? ¿CO? or as automatic information, if the corresponding option is enabled.

PAR!xxxConfirmation of new values for park position, zero position, zero margin or inertia constant, sent by TCS through commands CPARxxx, CZERxxx, CZEMxxx and CINExxx.

ERR!Error message. The type of error is codified in the <argument> field.