Table 3: Acomparison of solar neutron events observed by the SEDA-FIB detector with SMM event. The average trigger rate is simply obtained by dividing the total number of events by the observation time, while the mean flux is obtained taking the detection efficiency of both detectors into account (0.021 and 0.3 for SEDA and SMM) and also the detector area (100 and 450 cm2 for SEDA and SMM).

Date of eventsTotal number of eventsAverage trigger rate (Hz)Mean flux (events/cm2 sec)

Mar. 7, 2011M3.7SEDA890.09 0.042
Jun. 7, 2011M2.5SEDA880.060.029
Jun. 21, 1980X2.5SMM2,0002.00.13