Table 3: Physical properties of the floating platform.


Size ( )40 m × 40 m × 10 m
Moon pool ( )10 m × 10 m × 10 m
Draft, freeboard4 m, 6 m
Water displacement6,000 m3
Mass, including ballast5452000 kg
CM location below SWL0.281768 m
Roll inertia about CM726900000 kg·m2
Pitch inertia about CM726900000 kg·m2
Yaw inertia about CM1453900000 kg·m2
Anchor (water) depth150 m
Separation between opposing anchors773.8 m
Unstretched line length473.3 m
Neutral line length resting on seabed250 m
Line diameter0.0809 m
Line mass density130.4 kg/m
Line extensional stiffness589000000 N

Using the turbine model data from [23].