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Review Article

Utility Potential of Parthenium hysterophorus for Its Strategic Management

Table 4

Useful biological activities, effects, and some uses of Parthenium hysterophorus weed plant.


Hypoglycemic effect[141]
Effect against dengue parasite[142, 143]
Antitrypanosomal activity [144, 145]
Cytotoxic activity[29, 146]
Anticancer activity[122, 147]
Antioxidant activity[145, 148, 149]
Muscle relaxant activity [150]
Depolarization of neuromuscular junction in rats[122]
Hypotensive response in dogs[122]
Ovicidal for pathogenic insects[151]
Cardiac depressant effect in rats[122]
Antibacterial activity[124, 125, 152]
Antifungal activity[124, 125, 152]
Antiviral activity, for example, against Potato virusY [122]
Antiamoebic activity[5, 122]
Antifeedant activity[153]
Repellent activity against flea and other insects[154, 155]
Nematicidal activity[153, 156, 157]
Spermicidal activity[158]
Anti-inflammatory activity [29, 148]
CNS depressant activity[29, 159]
Thrombolytic activity (useful in migraine treatment)[29, 146]
Antimalarial[5, 29, 122]
Mutagenic effect on bacteria and eukaryotic (mouse) leucocytes[29]
Menstrual stimulator in females (emmenagogue)[124, 154]
Folk remedy against skin diseases, wounds, ulcerated sores, facial neuralgia, fever, malaria, urinary tract infections, dysentery, eczema, anaemia, heart trouble, and gynaecological ailments[122, 124, 160, 161]
Analgesic in muscular rheumatism [29, 154]
Vermifuge to eliminate helminthes[154]
Used as spices in several parts of the world [5]
Useful as low cost substrate for xylanase production [162]
Oxalic acid production[163]
Edible protein (biological value for rats)[164]
Animal feed additive after ensilage[165]

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