Advances in Agriculture / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Selection Criteria for Improving Yield in Chili (Capsicum annuum)

Table 1

Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for 15 characters of chili.

TraitsReplication (2)Genotype (19)Error (38)

Days to first picking63.225.60
Harvest duration0.958.39
First fruit maturity1.524.41
100% fruit maturity66.724.52
Plant height (cm)95.2461.66
Number of primary branches13.276.04
10 edible fruit weight (g)76.39219.06
10 dry fruit weight (g)1.480.38
Fruit length (cm)0.070.84
Fruit width (cm)0.020.01
Number of seeds per fruit202.8224.33
Weight of seeds per fruit (g)0.010.00
Number of fruits per plant177.32243.35
100-seed weight (g)0.010.00
Fruit yield per plant (g)370.314218.06

Values in parenthesis are degrees of freedom and and indicate significance at 5% and 1% levels, respectively.