Research Article

Integrating Characterization of Smallholders’ Feeding Practices with On-Farm Feeding Trials to Improve Utilization of Crop Residues on Smallholder Farms

Table 3

Use of crop residues within the production systems and seasons.

Production systems Crop residues
Maize stover
Beans husks
Wheat straw
Sorghum straw

Production systems
Free grazing (%)16.952.4737.3123.91
Tethering and paddocking (%)21.1911.1161.1942.39
Semi-zero grazing56.7882.720.0032.61
Zero grazing (%)5.083.701.491.09
Season of feeding
Dry season57.9864.0459.7235.00
Rainy season2.523.370.000.00
Throughout the year39.5032.5840.2865.00
Chi-square0.28 (NS)6.35 (NS)4.18 (NS)6.84

Significant at . NS: not significant at .