Table 3: Number of capsules per plant and seeds per capsule.

AccessionCapsule/plant DMRTAccessionseed/capsuleDMRT

SI54.9 aSI52.2 a
T159.5 abT160.0 b
K361 abC562.9 bc
K162.2 abK163.3 bc
C269.9 abcS264.0 bc
S271.0 abcdK364.7 bc
C574.8 abcdeW467.3 cd
W480.9 abcdefC268.0 cde
K581.8 abcdefT270.3 def
T583.7 abcdefK571.9 defg
T483.8 abcdefK272.7 efgh
T284.2 abcdefT473.0 efghi
K294.1 abcdefgW273.9 fghi
T395.4 abcdefgT574.8 fghij
C398.6 bcdefghC175.0 fghij
S3102.9 bcdefghiC475.0 fghij
K4109.2 cdefghiS375.0 fghij
C1111.6 cdefghiK476.0 ghij
W2115.9 defghiT376.0 ghij
S4118.3 efghiW176.33 ghij
C4123.0 fghiS477.0 ghij
W1135.0 ghiC377.9 hij
S5140.4 hiS578.0 hij
W3140.7 hiW578.5 ij
W5146.7 iW380.0 j

Duncan multiple range test.